40 Days

Meditation Commitment

Releasing Childhood Anger

Kundalini Yoga Meditation

18 February - 29 March

Only 5min a day for 40 days

Free of charge


Childhood angers and memories of old traumas hold us back from experiencing our higher Self.

The practices of Kundalini Yoga aim to erase old patterns and blockages from our subconscious mind and create space to receive our higher inner guidance.

With persistence and devotion, this 40 day meditation practice will change you from the inside out, giving you powerful insights on how to cultivate more freedom in your entire being. 

Yogi Bhajan, the greatest teacher of Kundalini Yoga, says that practicing this meditation in the mornings and evenings, your whole energy has potential to shift.

When is the best time to Meditate?

Early Morning is the best time to meditate, but don’t be to strict at the begining, make sure that you do commit to your practice every day.

Tune In

Hands are in prayer position at the heart center, put a bit of press in between the hands.

. Eyes are closed.

To begin with your practice, tune in with by chanting three times:

"Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo"

I call upon the Divine Wisdom, and Self-knowledge that is within me.

Warm Up (optional)

Spinal Flex

Sit in easy pose. Grab the ankles.

As you inhale powerfully, flex the spine forward, keeping the shoulders relaxed and the head straight.

Do not move the head up and down. Exhale and relax the spine back.

Continue rhythmically with deep breaths. As you inhale feel the energy go down the spine. As you exhale feel it come back up to the third eye. Mentally bring SAT down and NAM back up the spine.

Duration: 3 min

Meditation Instructions

Pose: Sit in easy pose with your arms stretched out straight to the sides. Keep your arms straight so there’s no bend in your elbows.

Hands: Lock down your pinkie and ring fingers with your thumbs.The palms face forward and the fingers point out to the sides.

Breath: The breath is unique in that you inhale by sucking air through your closed teeth and exhale through your nose. It is suggested that you practice this meditation for 11 minutes, though you can start with one minute and build up.

To finish the meditation inhale deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds while you stretch your spine up and your arms out to the sides.Then exhale. Repeat this two more times.

Duration: Start with 3min bring it up to 11 minute max

Tune Out

Hands are in prayer position at the heart center, put a bit of press in between the hands.

To close your practice, tune out with by chanting three times:

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Nam


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