Chiara de Lucia, pioneering her path one breath at a time…

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With life as her greatest teacher, she is pioneering a new way of being which has lead her to the teachings of Yoga, specifically the lineage of Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan and traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, which have both provided her the foundation and methodology to hold space for transformation. 

Chiara first came to yoga in Italy a decade ago and instantly felt a sacred sense of connection to herself. After many years of unhealthy behaviors and toxic relationships, yoga provided a healing space for her personal growth. This lead her to explore not only yoga, but a way of life which was aligned with her passions and wild nature.


Chiara embarked on travels around the world where she was exposed to various cultures and ancient traditions which became a remembrance for her own sense of Divinity. She learned to appreciate genuine beauty through the purity of the people and Mother Nature, and how to enjoy life fully.

Fusing together her capacity to envision, create and manifest, Chiara has a unique gift to seamlessly thread both the physical and spiritual realms whether it’s through her experiences, teachings or Soul purposed businesses that curates and manages.

Chiara is committed to her personal journey of evolution and serves the world by creating spaces for healing and elevation through online offerings, sacred mentorship, retreat immersions and Soul purposed businesses.

Her presence and devotion lie at the root of her ability to inspire and alchemize. She believes in a world where everyone is connected to their inner light and is empowered to serve the evolution of humanity.  



  • Ten years of experiences within the Yoga practices

  • Ten years of sailing around the most remote corners of the planet Earth

  • Seven years living in Cambodia

  • Seven years of hotelier & restaurant development | DA SANDRO PANINI BAR | NAVUTU DREAMS RESORT & SPA

  • Four years of TV Producer | BUDDY FILM