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My Extraordinary Journey

of Transformation

I am Chiara,

A high vibrational mentor, modern mystic and energy scientist that empowers Soulful entrepreneurs to embody their authority and the true powers of their soul. 


I left my destructive ordinary city lifestyle 12 years ago and I moved to South East Asia to follow the dream to heal my Heart. It has been a long committed journey of coming back home to myself. I had the honour to work closely with many Great Masters, Teachers of different Ancient lineages and Spiritual Guides, students and clients. I have learned, grown and heald so much in this extraordinary time. My life has completely transformed. I’ve learned that inner transformation is not only possible, but it is available for everyone , if you step up and claim it for yourself.

I am a bridge in between the ethereal world and physical world, creating pathways for physical, mental and emotional healing.

I was born and raised in Italy by a conservative high cast family. Overall expectations of who I was supposed to be were high, which left me in confusion of who I wanted to be. I was lacking a sense of self-awareness and self-worthiness which resulted in turning to unhealthy behavior, addiction, and toxic relationships. I felt like I was living in black dark hole and I didn't know how to get out.

After my first yoga class in Italy, I felt a sacred sense of connection that I never experienced before. In this instant, I knew that I was on the path that would guide me back to Light.

I started my journey and I embarked in travels around the world, where I was exposed to various cultures and ancient traditions that serves as a remembrance of my own sense of Divinity. I learned to see and appreciate the genuine purity of others and the majesty of mother nature, to which I am deeply connected. 

For more than a decade I traversed the world of Spirituality as aa devoted Life seeker, passing through her my stages of purification. In the moment when I hit rock bottom, I found myself in a self healing purification, where I surrendered my darkest pain and I have received in exchange the greatest gift if all: the grace of God touched and healed my Heart. This profound experience of radical transformation marked a new beginning that guided me into the remembrance of my own inner Divinity. 

With life as my greatest teacher, I fully embody and embrace the Modern Mystic lifestyle.

Following the teachings of Ancient Spiritual Sciences as Kundalini Yoga, Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Yantra & Tantra Numerology, Shamanism, and energy work have provided the foundation and methodology to hold space for authentic transformation.

Fusing my capacity to envision, create, and manifest, I developed a unique gift to seamlessly thread both the physical and spiritual realms.

I thrive on celebrating the success of modern leaders, steadily supporting them as their unshakable high vibrational mentor.  

My biggest desire is to contribute to a world where everyone is connected to their inner truth; feeling empowered to serve the evolution of humanity.  

I adore creating and holding safe containers for deep healing and elevation through: private sessions, mentorship programs, group inner journeys, and cosmic ceremonies. 

My Method 

My Approach 

My method is a galactic blend of Mystical, Devotional and Multidimensional Teachings, sophisticated tools extrapolated from Ancient Sciences and Technologies as per  Kundalini Yoga, practical Sacred Rituals, Cosmic Ceremonies and powerful mindset practices to harmonise the natural rhythm of life and thrive in the pressurise Age of Technology.

My straight forward approach empowers you to dig deep into yourSelf to find the strength, courage and grace to live according to your Soul wishes, highest potential and birthing your Sacred mission. 

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I empower Soulful Entrepreneurs to rise into the next level of personal success and impact