Are you holding stagnant energy & 3 alchemical remedies

Nov 16, 2021

You are energy. 

Everything around you is energy.

The whole Universe is only made by energy. 


This energy is constantly in flow and vibrates at different levels, some faster and lighter and some are slower and dense. 


Do you ever walk in a room and suddenly you feel heavy and a bad feeling arises inside you? Or do you ever experience a room that gives you a light, airy vibrant feeling? This is because the energy in the first room is vibrating slower than in the other one.


This is where we get the idea of negative and positive energy. When we feel negative energy, all that means is that the energy we are feeling is energy vibrating at a lower level for its density.


We are made of this light frequency  that constantly changes and gets influenced by the environment in which it flows. Sometimes we vibrate so slowly that what we experience is a sensation of stagnancy. It’s such a low vibrational state  that it barely moves at all. 


If you’ve been feeling dense and stagnant, you probably have heavy energy stuck in your body, creating blocks that are causing some sort of healness. But the good news is that you have the capacity to shift that energy rapidly and efficiently.


Wondering if you have an energy blockage? Read on to find out, and then learn some easy ways to raise your vibes! 


You might have stagnant energy in your body if...


  • You feel exhausted and burnt out.

Stagnant energy overwhelms the adrenal glands, which are responsible for helping us respond to stress. So if you feel tired and burnt out all the time, there’s a good chance you have adrenal fatigue stemming from an energy blockage.


  • You’ve become moody.

Energy blocks weigh us down and are known to cause depression, anxiety, and rapid mood swings. 


  • Nothing seems to be going right.

Stagnant energy brings down our vibration, which negatively affects the manifestation process. If you feel like you’ve been having bad luck or not getting what you want, you may have an energy blockage.


  • You’ve started feeling physical pain.

 Negative energy often manifests as chronic pain because it tightens the muscles. And the longer your energy is blocked, the worse it’ll get.


  • You’ve become a lot more negative.

 If your outlook on life has changed for the worse, look out for stagnant energy. It weighs us down in many ways.


Energy blocked? Here’s what you can do:


  • Cleanse what is no longer serving you

When we have habits or spend time around people that we don’t enjoy, the vibration of our energy automatically slows down. So begin cutting out everything in your life that no longer brings you joy.


  • Move your Body 

Even a small amount of exercise can get the energy moving in your body. Moving our muscles and getting our sweat on might be one of the best ways to make us feel lighter.


  • Meditate & Breathe

Meditation clears our minds and helps us delve deeper into ourselves. It lessens anxiety, closes our wounds, and rewires our brains. This causes the energy to move through our bodies.


If your energy is stuck, don’t be dismayed. By using these strategies and others, you can get that stagnant energy moving.

Luminous Blessings,

Chiara XX