5 Signs You’re Connected To Your Inner Truth

Oct 14, 2021

Take a moment to pause, breathe, and think about the way your life is going.

You might feel like you’re walking uphill, or that everything is a struggle. It might seem like you never get what you want, so you’re starting to lose motivation. You might even be depressed or overwhelmed with anxiety.

If that’s how you’re feeling right now, the problem might be that you’ve disconnected from your inner truth.

When you’ve disconnected from your truth and who you are, you are living the life of another person. You are living the life other people want you to live. That’s not how you truly are, is not YOU! 

If you become detached from your truth, life becomes much more difficult. Because it’s unnatural to go against what our soul says is true and this is an imprint that you can’t deny if you want to live in harmony. 

Not living your truth means giving your power away.


But if you live your truth, life will suddenly become so much fun and delightful. Abundance will flow to you effortlessly. You’ll wake up each day full of passion and motivated to create the life of your dreams. And best of all, you’ll feel so so so good.


Not sure if you’re connected to your inner truth? Here are five signs you’re living according to your inner radar:

  1. You’ve stopped caring what others think of you.

    You stopped seeking the validation and approval of others. You don’t need anyone outside of yourself to boost your ego and to tell you what to do next. You know what you are doing is right because you trust your inner being.
  2. You put yourself first.

    You love helping others, but it’s clear to you that you can’t help anyone unless you meet your own needs first. You have firm boundaries in place and permit yourself to recharge regularly.
  3. You do what feels good to you.

    You’ve wiped your life clean of what no longer serves you or makes you unbalanced. You know that when something doesn’t make you happy, it doesn’t match up with the person you truly are. 

  4. You truly feel your emotions.

    You no longer numb your emotions with something external, because you know that all emotions are medicine. Instead, you observe and welcome all your feelings and when they are ready you let them come and go, without creating attachments and stories. 

  5. You follow your intuition.

    You know what your truth is, so you make choices according to what your heart desires. You’re aware that the truth is always inside of you, if you’re only willing to take the to listen and fully trust.

    When you become connected to your inner truth, you become connected to who you truly are… YOU BECOME YOU! 

    Each time you follow your truth brings you closer to the life you desire.. 

    Are you connected to your inner truth?