Embody your Inner Revolution


Persosonalize mentorship

Private sessions including intuitive guidance, tailor made breath work and meditations. These sessions aim to create a space for silence and connection with your essence, and the voice of the heart will start rising.

You will receive

  • Four 60 minute personalized video sessions with Chiara within a one month time period

  • Guided breathing techniques and meditations that are tailored to your level of practice and needs

  • Intuitive Emotional Intelligence guidance

  • Journal prompts to follow through with in between sessions

  • Personalized 15 minute practice to continue as a daily practice

  • An opportunity to learn how to connect to the breath as a tool to redirect your thoughts and cultivate space in your mind that allow the embodiment of the Inner Revolution


This series creates a strong container to bring you into your Majestic Self. The practices of meditation empower you to move forwards on your path from a place of coherence and embody your personal Revolution through desire, intention and commitment.

How does it work?

I will support you by co-creating a safe space in which you can experience your True Self through thoughts, sensations and emotions. I will guide you trough a process in which you will learn how to create coherence in between brain a heart. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to be personally guided through advanced subtle body experiences, deep reflections that support the embodiment of your Inner Revolution.


Four series mentorship 399€

I AM READY TO embody my inner revolution!

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