Envision your Inner Revolution


Persosonalize mentorship

Single session including intuitive guidance through Emotional Intelligence, the ancient science of Yoga and Numerology. This session aims to bring clarity to your life so you can realign your energy and refocus your vision.

You will receive

  • 60 Minute personalised video call with Chiara

  • Grounding breath work and meditation to create a safe container

  • Numerology chart to bring clarity to your higher purpose

  • Intuitive Emotional Intelligence guidance

  • 1 inspired action tip for a daily routine

  • Neutral perspective to help bring realizations of where in your life you can realign, refocus and redirect your energy to fulfill your revolution


A personalized mentorship is fantastic tool to revolution all the nasty areas of your life. In particular, this process helps you to realign your energy so you can live in alignment and have a clear vision of the next actions to fulfill your Majestic Life purpose!

How does it work?

I will support you by witnessing and listening to your honest reflections, and provide a clear mirror to help you realise what may need to be realigned in your life. This call will act as an accountability for you to make the first steps of your Inner Revolution.


The Single mentorship is 81 €

I AM READY TO envision my inner revolution!

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