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© 2019 by Chiara De Lucia. 

I  see so many yoga teachers,  entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and leaders craft their life and their message to what they think others will want. They hold back from embodying their full desires and they suffocate their dreams by social conditioning. But building a life or a business that doesn't inspiring, authentic, or meaningful work will eventually crumble.


It has to, because is not in alignment with our Soul purpose.


Remember you were born to live your Dream life, fully and unapologetically, as you design it!


My Intuitive Mentorship Programmes are a fast-track to radically transform your life by getting to the core of what it is your heart most desires.


It is designed to support you along your way, honoring the truth of who you are, helping you to build the kind of life and/or business you want to create, with the tools, resources, and support to manifest that.

The intuitive mentorship with Chiara was the power boost I needed. 

She immediately pointed out my biggest blockage to grow and to speak my truth. We worked on that and how I could heal it. 

With great guidance through numerology, kundalini yoga and meditation I got through this blockage and the healing started. 

I feel empowered, I am taking the steps I was avoiding before and I feel more clarity and freedom in my life.

Thank you Chiara for your intuitive guidance. 

Lies Rebelle 

Spiritual Coach

I am so happy and proud of the work we have been doing together.

Our journey started almost a year ago. Since then my daily morning routine has changed to the better and I start my days feeling light, energized and loving everyone! Incorporating my tailored Sadhana practice has had a huge impact in my life.

Setting intentions, moving out all the toxic energies that I store up, opening up space for pure Kundalini energy to flow in my body and thanking both myself and the highest energies for support... can become highly addictive!

What a great way to start every day!

Thank you Chiara for making me a better person!

Marina Dell'Utri

Health & Life Coach