The Art of Prayer

I found myself on knees quite desperate many times. 

I was asking to be leaded out of the dark chambers of my destructive mind.

I was loudly praying to feel peace and see the light that I could feel hidden somewhere within me. I thought I knew the right way... I was getting mad because I felt not considered and not heard. 

Until the time that I learned that God - The Soul of the Universe - knows exactly how to answer and when is the right time to answer to our call and that there is no way that we - limited on our human form - we can be more powerful that his Love for us and there is when  Miracles started to unfolds in my life...

A very important aspect that we need to consider is that the plan of the Universe, it might no be the same of what we - our Ego - believe is right for us.

One tips that that my heart is called to provide you is when it comes to prayer, find your own way, tone and modality to connect with your guides and spirit.

What I love to do is touch my heart with the right hand, or to put my hands in prayer pose at the heart centre.

I take a long deep breath in and I simply say:

"Soul of the Universe, thank you for supporting me. I surrender to your divine guidance to lead me toward my highest good and the highest good of all."

Trust that your call as been eared and be get curios and excited to about the way in which the Universe will deliver what you asked for. Prayers are often answered in unexpected ways. Leave in the hands of God, how already knows how to resolve everything.

Keep your mind sober and open so that you can clearly pick up those Divine messages and be sure to take action where they direct you.


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