Soul Product 


The Experience

Day 1: Cleansing the inner house

Day 2: Strengthening your being

Day 3: Liberate the unwanted emotions


During this 3 days/ 2 hours transformational workshops you can expect to experience powerful series of sacred movement and breath-work (Kundalini Yoga) and mantra. 

You do not have to have any experience with kundalini yoga to participate.

If you have a yearning desire to fully express, release anger, remove blocks that keep you from feeling confident to be yourself and embody your truth then this might be the x Live 2 hour consecutive online activations where we all show up here in Bali with you and practice together. 


Recordings of these sessions will be avail to keep at the end of the workshop, or made avail on request if you cannot for some emergency reason make one of the sessions. After each workshop, we will send you the amazing kundalini mantra playlist for you to immerse yourself in each day. I carefully tune in and selects each playlist the morning before the workshop so the selection of mantra is in direct alignment and intention with here and now of the energy circulating the group.


For online participants we usually meet 15 minutes before the class starts each day to share shortly before the class starts. Then we usually have a 20 -30 minutes sharing circle afterwards where sharing is. Not compulsory, but space help for whatever wants to come through. The third day we will have a 2 hour session, followed by a 45min - 1 hour sharing circle.


I will also provide all online participants with a 30 minute online integration session which will scheduled after the workshop closes in your own timing. Anyone that participated in our 3 day workshops becomes part of our beautiful vibrant radiant community & automatically gains free access to our New Moon online offerings (normally $11 USD) that is a new moon celebration master class with kundalini yoga meditation & intention setting.


Friends who pray together stay Friends who pray together stay together..and SLAY together!


Full Moon Workshop Series - Emotional Freedom

  • Dates: 24-25-26 April 2021

    Length: 2hours 

    Broadcast Live from Bali: 9.00am - 11.00 (Singapore TimeZone)

    Investment: 187 € 

    Recordings Available for 3 months

    Once the purchase is compleated you will receive an email within 12hours with the link to our Kundalini Virtual Livingroom


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