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Kundalini Yoga is an ancient holistic practice that includes physical movement in yoga postures, breath techniques, sound, mantra, and meditation.


It is a yoga for anyone and everyone – regardless of age or level of physical ability.


This specific series of activation are particularly focuses on strengthening the nervous system and balancing the glandular system, to enable us to meet the challenges of the modern times, and to stay in High Spirits.


Golden Package - Weekly Kundalini Activations | 16 Activations

  • Dates: Tuesday & Thursday

    Length: 1.30min

    Broadcast Live from Bali: 8am - 9.30am (Singapore TimeZone)

    Investment: 150 € x 16 Activations Valid for 4 months

    Recordings Available for 48 hours

    Once the purchase is compleated you will receive an email within 12hours with the link to schedule your activations


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