Soul Product 


The Experience

90 minute masterclass to journal about your obstacles, your dreams, and listening deeply to your Soul for the creative and aligned solutions that will serve you, your impact and the world.


I will share a wonderful type of meditation called Celestial Communications curated especially for this New Moon to connect you deeper into a state of calm to hear and feel your Soul voice, and the vibrant Community Support will amplify your intentions.


What is Celestial Communication

It is a moving meditation and is part of the technology of Kundalini Yoga. Celestial Communication is composed of choreographed arm and hand movements to mantras or other spiritual songs. All ages enjoy this type of meditation – children, adults and older adults. People with disabilities or physical limitations, who may not be able to practice all of the yoga asanas, can also benefit from Celestial Communication.

New Moon Celebration

  • Dates: 12 April 2021

    Length: 1.30min

    Broadcast Live from Bali: 4.00pm - 5.30pm (Singapore TimeZone)

    Investment: 9 € 

    Recordings Available for 48 hours

    Once the purchase is compleated you will receive an email within 12hours with the link to our Ceremonial Virtual Livingroom


I empower Soulful Entrepreneurs to rise into the next level of personal success and impact