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The Royal Path of Self Mastery  


My method is a galactic blend of Mystical, Devotional and Multidimensional Teachings, sophisticated tools extrapolated from Ancient Sciences and Technologies as per  Kundalini Yoga, practical Sacred Rituals, Cosmic Ceremonies and powerful mindset practices to harmonise the natural rhythm of life and thrive in the pressurise Age of Technology.

 The  Royal Path

of Self Activation 

  • 9 weeks  

  • 1:1

  • 6 x 90 min sessions 

  • Accountability for 90 days of daily spiritual practice

  • Chemistry Call mandatory for enrolment

A 12 week mentorship program of Self Realization, a phenomenal experience during which your limitations will be squeezed out. Both your ego and your mind will become your best friends. Get ready to rebirth into the unshakable soulful leader that you are meant to be.

Expect to experience

  • Deep Lifestyle investigation 

  • Uncover your most hidden fears ​

  • Core limiting believes inventory 

  • Inner child work 

  • Put into practice new routines and habits 

  • Definition of your authentic core values 

  • Profound clarity on future destination 

  • Remembrance of your spiritual powers 

  • create a Highest purpose statement 

  • 30days empowerment action plan  

 I specifically work with committed PURPOSE DRIVEN entrepreneurs, who are prepared to rdically transform their lives and create an unshakable connection with their true essence, so that they re-ignite their passion for the impact they’re here to deliver.



Dear Chiara, It is Time to thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️ for all the doors 🚪 that you have already shown me and that you have been accompanying my soul plan for a long time.  The most important thing I've learned for myself from you is to finally allow myself to be simple BE! To be who I am and to accept every feeling that I want to show up every day.  Of course, also the tools to not remain in self-pity or the role of victim but to SHIFT. Thank u for everything 😍🙏🏻 I can not wait to see u 🙏🏻😍. 

Jessica Ackermann, Meditation & Yoga teacher

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