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© 2019 by Chiara De Lucia. 

Meditation helps you to grow the relationship with your inner self, appreciate others more, and find silence in a world that is constantly moving. 

The basic fundamental goal of meditation is to reach the state of presence, where we liberate our conscious mind from the continuous flow of external chatter and random thoughts.

Each time you sit, your practice dissolves stress, bit by bit, and helps your body release states of tension and disease, both at the surface and deep within your cells. 

Creatively, your meditation practice helps you see and receive your highest vision, and stay closely connected to your heart's mission.

Our mind is like a lake.


If there is continuous wind, the flow of thoughts on the surface forms waves.

The continuous waves of concerns, stress, fears, regrets prevents us to see to the bottom of the lake.


But with no wind, no continuous flow of random thoughts, the surface of the lake is clear and we can see to the bottom of the lake.


We can see clearly the beautiful fish, maybe even coral and seashells.


With a still, calm mind, with no wind, we can see within ourselves and find the beauty within ourselves.