Soul Services 

My method is a galactic blend of Mystical, Devotional and Multidimensional Teachings, sophisticated tools extrapolated from Ancient Sciences and Technologies as per Kundalini Yoga & Tantric Hatha Yoga, self healing modalities, practical Sacred Rituals, Cosmic Ceremonies, and powerful mindset practices to harmonise the natural rhythm of life and thrive in the pressurise Age of Technology.

Choose what feels right for you! 

 The Alchemy Session 

A life changing experience crafted to quickly and efficiently

1. Surface your core blocks, wounds and limiting beliefs

2. Conquer a crystalline vision of your trajectory toward your dream life 

3. Receive personalised practical rituals and practices to uplift your reality

90 minute session
1:1 Virtual via Zoom  

The Breath of Joy  

6x 60 minute activations
1:1 Virtual via Zoom 

profound experience of your inner world

During this 6 weeks breath-work and meditation program we will craft your tailor-made spiritual practice using as a foundation the methodology of Kundalini Yoga and other ancient teachings to create a powerful and sustainable routine for your mental, physical and spiritual health. 


Chiara has a true calling for mentoring people on different levels - spiritual, practical, professional. She works with you to find strategies that illuminate your inner world, showing you paths you didn't think existed or that you could take. With kindness, honesty and patience she guides you to the fulfilment of your goals and dreams, whatever those may be for you (even if that means identifying them first!). It's easy to get lost in your own thoughts or stuck in repetitive patterns - Chiara helps untangle the mess of "loose ends". Then you work together to set up a concrete action plan to elevate your spirit. I love how practical, down to earth AND deep she is in her approach. Thank you! 


@Anastasia Donets 

Chiara has been and is a source of inspiration. Her passion for her own life and therefore for life in general is truly inspiring. She is intelligent, attentive and a great listener. During our 90 mins of personal session, she managed to grab the core of the conversation and came up with beautiful suggestions; reminding me of my strength. Her energy touches you beyond the screens. I highly recommend her light. Grazie mille Chiara ⭐️💫✨

@Meryem Bursali

Chiara has been and is a source of ins"The mentoring call with Chiara was beyond my expectation. I had a lot of resistance coming up for me if I should do it or not, but I'm so glad I did. Chiara was holding a really safe space for me to really be honest with myself and speak out loud where my heart wants me to go, but my mind creates constant excuses. I had few breakthrough moments during the session. During the conversation with Chiara, there is a level of certainty in the room -that there is nowhere to escape from your truth and it feels safe to enter this inner territory. You simply need to face it and receive it. Humans tend to sabotage their true desires constantly looking for excuses, that's why I believe it is so crucial to have a conversation with a mentor who can see through 'your bs' and assist you gently in getting back to your truth. During the call my energy has shifted 180 degrees. I ended the call feeling hope, uplifted and energised by the vision for the future. And what's important I felt ownership of everything we have talked about. Chiara helped me to believe that I can quantum leap towards my dream life now, not in 10 years. That's huge.After the mentorship call a lot of processes started to appear in my life, like I really have to shed off the layers that do not serve me anymore. I have more willpower to overcome them now.  Thank you so much! "

@Antonia Sobieszczuk

The Royal Path of

 Self Mastery

I can only give to you what I have already given to myself. 

Guide you where I have already been with myself. 

Share with you what I have experienced within myself. 

Understand you as much as I understand myself. 

When we connect in this authentic way I see beyond your appearance.

Your eyes speak to me. 

I feel your heart. 

And I adore having a sacred conversation with your Soul.


I empower Soulful Entrepreneurs to rise into the next level of personal success and impact