Activate the connection with your Majestic Self

I envision a world where all beings follow the beat of their heart and step into a life of alignment and abundance


I believe it is our birthright to live royally, in alignment with our heart and higher purpose. 

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I’m Chiara De Lucia, a student and teacher of the yogic lineage ‘Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan’, mentor, soulful entrepreneur and citizen of the world.

My teachings empower all beings to dig deep into the purity of their essence in order to live the life of their wildest Dreams!

I am passionate about bringing both material and spiritual worlds together to create spaces that provide balance and evolution for humanity.

I invite those who are ready to commit to this radiance to step into the teachings!

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When you are in Chiara’s presence, you are lifted into another realm. Her vibrant Spirit, devotion to her own practice and dedication to serve the world transmits seamlessly to all those around her. She shares her life experiences and the teachings of Kundalini with clarity and confidence, authenticity and embodiment, and she empowers students to dig deep into the person she sees they are ready to become.

Lauren Lee, E-500 Yoga Teacher

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Commit to your Radiance!