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I left my destructive ordinary city lifestyle 12 years ago and I moved to South East Asia to follow my dream to heal my Heart. It has been a long committed journey of coming back home to myself. I had the honour to work closely with many Great Masters, Teachers of different Ancient lineages and Spiritual Guides, students and clients. I have learnt and grown so much in this extraordinary time, that my life has completely transformed. I’ve learned that Inner transformation is not only possible, but it available for EVERYONE, if YOU step up and claim it for yourself.


I guide and inspire Teachers, Coaches, Soulful Entrepreneurs, Artists and Light Workers on finding a profound sense of clarity in their Life Purpose and I teach them how to thrive in the chaotic world of today from an unshakable connection with their Heart and Soul.

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My powerful straight forward approach empowers YOU to dig deep into the purity of your Soul to find the strength and Grace to live according to your desires, vision and mission.

 The transformation journey however, can be a hard and lonely road. That's why I have chosen to give back in the same way my Teachers and Guides gave to me and create this extraordinary mentorship system.


 We will work specifically on defining your Bigger picture, I will ask you deep questions to uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your capacity to create your phenomenal lifestyle. We will create a crystal vision of the type of the unique revolution that you ready to make.


You will leave the session rewired, re-energized, and so inspired that you will take massive action straight away, on the necessary steps to begin your transformational journey!


I specifically work with committed humans ready to profoundly transform their lives and leave their footprints on the Planet and all Souls herein who are screaming for YOUR help!

Lauren Leen

When you are in Chiara’s presence, you are lifted into another realm. Her vibrant Spirit, devotion to her own practice and dedication to serve the world transmits seamlessly to all those around her. She shares her life experiences and the teachings of Kundalini with clarity and confidence, authenticity and embodiment, and she empowers students to dig deep into the person she sees they are ready to become.

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Liese Rebelle

The intuitive mentorship with Chiara was the power boost I needed. 

She immediately pointed out my biggest blockage to grow and to speak my truth. We worked on that and how I could heal it. 

With great guidance through numerology, kundalini yoga and meditation I got through this blockage and the healing started. 

I feel empowered, I am taking the steps I was avoiding before and I feel more clarity and freedom in my life.

Thank you Chiara for your intuitive guidance! 

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Chiara De Lucia 

Soul Coach 

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